Stackable Bands... The Trend That Never Left

Posted on October 26, 2017 by AM DePrisco | 0 Comments

Stackable bands first came on to the scene around 2015. Like most trends, they were expected to have their time in the spot light then phase out. But much to everyone's surprise they seem to be the "trend that keeps on trending".... and we are totally loving it!!

Bridal trend watchers predict that it will continue to break into the scene and not only be limited to those looking for more of a "boho" look for their wedding. Here at the store we have always loved this trend and are excited that it seems to be sticking around for the foreseeable future!

Here are our three reasons why you should incorporate this look into your wedding style

1. Personalization

In a time where everyone is looking to separate themselves from the pack what better way to do it but with a set of rings that are truly unique to you. With the ability to more easily mix and match metals, styles and textures, you can almost guarantee that you'll never meet anyone with your style.

2. Economically Friendly

Adding stackable bands to your bridal set after you get married can be much more economically savvy than an update... and who doesn't want MORE jewelry. 

3. Representation of Different Milestones 

Having stackable bands as part of your collection creates the perfect gift idea for all the milestones in your life, anniversaries, children, holidays, just to name a few. Having rings to represent those mile stones is a beautiful way to remember them. 

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