March into Spring!!!

Posted on March 08, 2014 by Michelle Hicks | 0 Comments

March into spring with a beautiful gift of aqua marine.  Aqua Marine is a cool shade of blue sometimes having a hint of green.  We love to share fun facts about this gorgeous stone...
Zodiac: Aquamarine is linked to many zodiac signs. Many associate it with Scorpio, and some also attribute it to Pisces or Aquarius due to it’s watery sea-like quality. For Aquarius the aquamarine promotes friendship and love, while for Pisces it encourages awareness. But it is also the stone of Taurus according to some, due to the fact that aquamarine (and the entire beryl family) are of hexagonal (six-sided) crystalline form, and six is a number belonging to Venus. Others say it is connect with Gemini, because the stone enhances communication. Even Libras get into the mix, since for them, Aquamarine helps to warn them of danger.

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